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Alesis iO-26 Driver

I plan to use my old trusty Alesis io26 (which worked fine in L8 on ). I'm aware there have been issues with this interface, & would like. Find great deals for Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface. Shop with confidence on eBay! Using an Alesis IO/26 to expand channels , Mbox 2, Digi , original Mbox, Digi (Win).


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120 (3.13)
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Alesis iO-26 Driver

Dice II is "the brains of the operation" Alesis iO-26, AvE I know for a fact my old Saffire Pro 40 contained no extra DSP chips of any sort, and the hardware Alesis iO-26 matrix mixer within the Dice II worked plenty fine. I was surprised to see that extra Wavefront Semiconductor AL in the corner there.


That's a "naughty" or "novel"? Output board - nothing to write home about here either, just "business as usual". Although granted, this Alesis iO-26 is only an "after the mods " photo, so that's enough of a sneak preview by now.

Not all that much Alesis iO-26 see on the input side either - your regular assortment of connectors and passive components. I could be mistaken, but i think those Alesis iO-26 for a good few bucks each, so Take from that what you will.

First step was, obviously, swapping out the Firewire interface chip. Sadly, i had run out of Alesis iO-26 new ones although there's a few in my Mouser shopping cart with my name on'em.


On the bright side though, that was a bit of a non-issue, in fact - since the Konnekt 8 i had scavenged the Dice II chip from, as described in an earlier blog post herei figured i wouldn't be needing the services of the TSB41AB2 which i knew to be good that was on that particular board, so Why the hell not? The "transplant" succeeded uneventfully, and after installing the drivers, as Alesis iO-26 or at least hopedthe thing Alesis iO-26 just fine.

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That being said, the control GUI looks oh-so-very's-ish I mean, see for yourselves I find that when the firewire light is on, Alesis iO-26 Mac picks up the io26 fine, but as soon as I switch the Mac off, and Alesis iO-26 on the next day, the firewire Alesis iO-26 does not come on, and the Mac cannot see the Alesis. I have to physically unplug the firewire and plug it back in.

Sometimes it takes a few tries, before the firewire light comes on again and the Mac picks it up. But if I Alesis iO-26 the alesis through it, well, see above - it's loud enough to hear sat in my normal listening position. I've checked to make sure I'm not mistaking this noise for that introduced through cabling etc, and I've also compared the noise between having the alesis switched on and off with the amp still on no noise at Alesis iO-26 with alesis switched off.

ALESIS Alesis iO 26 Firewire Audio/MIDI Interface vinyl at Juno Records.

Alesis iO-26 If you press your head right against the speakers with the amp switched Alesis iO-26 and plugged into my edirol and with nothing playing you can just make out a whisp of hiss, certainly within tolerance, and certainly well below a level you could hear with your head more than a few inches from the speaker. If only I could say the same for the alesis. Is this a faulty unit, or is this problem common to all of them?


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