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Extron MLC Plus 100 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver

The MLC Plus 50// Series Controllers integrate Ethernet connection into AV systems includes space to mount from one to four Extron AAP plates. Extron Aspect Ratio Control automatically detects the source aspect ratio, and .. RS‑ control of AV devices via Ethernet insertion. MLC Plus AAP. MediaLink Plus Controllers with Ethernet Device Control and PoE The MLC Plus and MLC Plus are also available in AAP versions; providing.


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Extron MLC Plus 100 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver

MAC address information A6- - - is located on the front panel behind the faceplate. E Default login credentials: E Power over Ethernet PoE: Use this port to upload configuration files and firmware. It is to be connected only to networks or circuits that are not routed to the outside plant or building.

COM port default protocol: These COM ports support software flow control only. If you use cable that has a drain wire, tie the drain wire to ground at both ends. Settings to configure via software: Use shielded cable and place the MLC Plus as close as possible to the amplifier to avoid picking up background noise via the cable. When audio mute is active, the MLC Plus sets control voltage output to 0 VDC, even if the voltage range minimum and maximum voltage limits Extron MLC Plus 100 AAP Ethernet Controller been set to levels above zero, such as 2 V to 8 V.

Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional - Software Extron

Network setup is essential prior to configuration. Use the flowchart at right as a guide to setting up the controller for network use.


Open the Toolbelt software or open the Toolbelt utility in Global Configurator. Using the MAC address, locate Extron MLC Plus 100 AAP Ethernet Controller desired device in the list and select it. When setting up DHCP during network configuration or if using a host name instead of an IP address during project recovery, the user must enter a qualified host name HostName.

Enable DHCP or you must type in the IP address, subnet address, and gateway; then configure other network settings as needed. Network Setup, Online Method Step 6: See the Global Configurator Help file as needed for step-by-step instructions and detailed information. The help file for GC includes an introduction to the software, and Extron MLC Plus 100 AAP Ethernet Controller to start a project and configuration.

The configuration tells the controller how its ports function; how to control other products; what to monitor; when to do things; and whom to notify, how, and under what circumstances. Configure ports on the controller.


Set up monitors, schedules, macros, and local variables. Set up the front panel buttons: Build and upload the system configuration to the controller.

Extron electronics MediaLink MLC Plus 100 AAP Manuals

Test and Troubleshoot 1. Also ensure that the volume LEDs light correctly as you increase or decrease the audio gain. Make adjustments to wiring or configuration as needed. Remember that the rear and side panel ports will not be accessible after the controller is mounted.

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Complete the Physical Installation 1. Insert the built-in screws of the AAP device through the holes in the metal AAP bracket and hand tighten to fasten them to the bracket with the provided nuts. You must purchase AAP devices and plates separately.

They are not provided with the MLC. Do not leave gaps between devices.

Make sure that the edges of the AAPs all fit within the faceplate AAP opening so that no edges or corners catch or prevent the faceplate from laying flat against the AAP mounting bracket. If needed, loosen the nuts, adjust the position of one or more AAPs, and retighten the nuts.

For all models, follow instructions in Mounting. Extron recommends taking safety precautions to avoid electrostatic discharge issues during installation. If it has not already been done, feed all device cables through the wall or furniture and, if applicable, through the plastic spacer. If the unit is not installed in a mud ring, you must install the plastic spacer.

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