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Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer Driver

Keysight NC Spectrum analyzer with 7GHz bandwidth. Fast spectrum analysis covering frequency 9 kHz to 7 GHz with dB overall amplitude accuracy. The NC is a 7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from Agilent. A spectrum analyzer measures the power of spectrums of known and unknown signals. Spectrum. Keysight Used NC Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to 7 GH. Keysight Used NC Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 20 GHz (Agilent).


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Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer Driver

Keysight Technologies N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer

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For the latest product information, please refer to the link below: For the latest option Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer, please refer to the link below: Features The Keysight NC spectrum analyzer primary features and functions are described below: The analyzer can be used to monitor the signal capturing performance or intermittent event over extended periods of time. High Sensitive Measurement Option P07 Includes an optional pre- amplifier for signals in the frequency range up to 7 GHz, enabling more sensitive measurements.

This feature is a great help in analysis of low level signals. Channel Scanner Option SCN provide the channel scan funtion in spectrum monitoring, coverage test, and band clearance.

The analyzer provides the enhanced usability as below: Keypad can be locked and unlocked with password to forbid undesired keypad operation. Security feartures Option SEC allows Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer to erase all customized files and data in analyzer for security. Labels for softkeys are located on the right- hand side of the screen.

Showing Results for Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) N9322C

They activate functions displayed to the left of each key. The frequency- span readout describes the total displayed frequency range.


BW activates the resolution bandwidth function and accesses the softkeys that control the bandwidth functions and averaging. Mode selects the measurement mode according to the activated options. Marker accesses the marker control keys that select the type and number of markers and turns them on and off. Limit - Sweep accesses the softkeys that allow you to set the sweep time, select the sweep mode and trigger mode, or to set Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer limit functions after pressing Shift.

Download Keysight NC Spectrum Analyzer Firmware A for OS Independent

Peak Search places a marker on the signal peak. Meas accesses the measurements mode selection submenu in spectrum analyzer mode or the measurement submenu in other optional modes. Preset resets the analyzer to a known state System accesses the submenu to configure a series of system settings, such as ports, option and languages. Shift switches alternate upper blue function of the hardkeys.

Save Keysight N9322C Spectrum Analyzer File accesses the file operation submenu or activate the quick- save function after pressing Shift.

The impedance is 50 W. To switch the analyzer off, press the switch for at least 2 seconds. This deactivates all the functions but retains power to internal circuits so long as the analyzer is connected to line power.

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