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Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter Driver

The new reform bill is neither more nor less so than the old one.


There is probably as much variety of opinion among those who voted with Mr. Hume, as there was among those who voted with Lord Grey in There is no other principle in the matter, and there needs no other.

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The measure is intended to be such as all may vote for, who think that a large reform of parliament, in a democratic direction, but short of actual democracy, is desirable in itself, and suitable to the circumstances of the present time. In this respect the scheme perfectly fulfils its purpose.

It draws the line with sufficient distinctness. Those who Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter for no change at all, or for such changes only as would make no difference in the spirit of the government, of course vote against it. All others may vote for it, reserving their ulterior opinions.

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It excludes all who do not come up to its mark, but admits all who go beyond it. One lesson the consistent supporters of reform may take to Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter lesson which becomes more important in proportion as the contest ceases to be a mere mock fight and becomes a serious conflict of opposing reasons.

Their practical conduct as politicians necessarily partakes of compromise. Their demands and systematic aims must often fall short of their principles. But let them not therefore cut down their principles to the measure of their demands.

If they do, they lose far more in vigour of argument, and in the imposing influence of a sense of consistency and Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter, than they can possibly gain in charming away the fears of those who would, but dare not, follow them. Let them disclaim nothing which is a legitimate consequence of their principles. Let them tell the Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter it is the truth—that their private opinion goes further than their public demands, and that if they ask less than what their principles would justify, it is not because they fear to avow, or are unable to defend, their principles, but Edition: The fault, they say, is in the country itself; in the national education; in the state of the public mind; not in the constitution of parliament.

If our statesmen are without ideas and without purposes, weak, passive, opinionless; if they have neither head nor heart to face the difficulties of any great question; if they rarely aspire to leave any of the larger Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter of the people they profess to govern in a better condition than they found them; this is not in the opinion of some persons the fault of the men, so much as of the age and country, which have not produced better men, or have produced them only as scattered, obscure individuals, quite as likely to be overlooked by a numerous constituency as by a narrow one.

If the classes who now rule in parliament are so deficient in the qualities which should belong Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter rulers, do the masses possess them? The knowledge, the vigour of intellect, the freedom from prejudice, the judgment undivided by selfishness or partiality, which we so deeply desiderate in the rich and high-born, do we find them in the poor?


That clear-sighted justice and high-minded generosity, combined with practical resource, which the times demand—without which this great transitional period in opinions and institutions may be lengthened out in fruitless oscillations—what reason have we to flatter ourselves that these endowments, which we seek vainly among our so-called educated classes, will be found in the untaught delegates of the factory and the workshop? Is it not much, and more than we can expect, if Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter for whom society has done nothing, prove no worse than those on whom it has lavished all its means of instruction and improvement?

This objection assumes, as the natural and intended effect of popular institutions, that the crude opinions and unguided instincts of the working classes would be the directing power in the state. We have no such expectation from any extension of the franchise. Reformers have always maintained, and the example Edition: After a revolution made by workmen, not twenty members in Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter assembly of nine hundred are working men.


Scarcely in our own parliament do opinions with any semblance of an anti-property character meet with a more hostile reception; and it is evident that the errors Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter the assembly are more likely to be on the side of conservatism than of revolution. Then what has Genius DPF-111K Photo Converter gained, it may be asked, or what would England gain by the admission of the working classes to the franchise?

A gain beyond all price, the effects of which may not show themselves in a day, or in a year, but are calculated to spread over and elevate the future.

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