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Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM Driver

(Dell UJB oem), Toshiba p/n K z.B für Satellite P10, Satellite Toshiba Satellite P10 P25 DVD/RW Drive W Bezel UJB K The Official Toshiba Support Website provides support for Satellite PS Remove modem cover, wireless card cover, memory cover and heat sink/cooling fan cover. Remove one screw securing the DVD drive to the laptop. Slide the.


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Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM Driver

I tried using suspend2 and will probably try that again at some point but for now good old swsusp is working. First off, I'm still running a vanilla kernel, no patches.

I initially got this working with 2. I actually got suspend-to-ram working before suspend-to-disk, but both turned out to work rather nicely in the end. And in fact, if you are using ati-drivers you can so far as I managed to determine up to now only suspend-to-disk.

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You should note that the following kernel options are of critical importance both under General Settings: This enables a few kludges to make the video come back on. That should be it.

For the moment I don't have any written but I might later. For the moment a simple echo command does the job: Breaks in some cases with ati-drivers. Note, in order to allow suspend-to-ram to function you may require a patch in the kernel.

This applies if you are using the kernel-provided agpgart modules instead of the fglrx provided driver. If you are not using an ATi AGP bus you may need to patch the appropriate agpgart module in a similar fashion.


There seems to be patches for i and via available here. I've also got a as yet untested version for nvidia-agp - please let me know whether this works.

The omnibook module You should note that the ACPI implementation on this notebook is badly broken though. I suggest loading the omnibook module emerge -av omnibook to at least obtain Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM blanking well, omnibook switches off the screen when it gets blanked and be able to read the CPU temperature.


This mainly provides you with some minor enhancements, and is probably not crucial but most deffinately very nice to have. The Modem Works with slmodem.

Simply load the snd-atiixp-modem module, install slmodem and start it up. It sometimes locks up when trying to dial reporting no dialtone or something equally sillyjust retry and it should work. Select either a region from the region menu or a Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM location from the sub-menu. Page Operating Basics Connecting the modular cable To connect Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM modem's modular cable, follow the steps as detailed below: Page Operating Basics Disconnecting the modular cable To disconnect the modular cable, follow the steps as detailed below: Page Operating Basics Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates the need for cables, such as desktop computers, between your Plug one end of the cable into the LAN jack.

Laptops: Toshiba Satellite SP

Press gently until you hear the Cleaning the computer To help ensure long, trouble-free Page The Keyboard Function keys: F1 … F12 The Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM keys not to be confused with the special FN key Page The Keyboard Sleep: Page The Keyboard Zoom: Page The Keyboard Keypad overlay Your computer's keyboard does not have a separate numeric keypad but includes a numeric keypad Page The Keyboard Temporarily using normal keyboard overlay on While using the overlay, you can temporarily access the normal keyboard Page Power and Power-Up Modes Battery charging notice The battery may not begin charging immediately under the following conditions: Page Power and Power-Up Modes Maximizing battery operating time A battery's usefulness depends on how long it can supply power Toshiba Satellite P10 DVD-RAM Power and Power-Up Modes 4.

Page Power and Power-Up Modes 6.


Slide and hold the battery release latch 2 to disengage the battery pack and Before you can change Page HW Setup To change the boot drive, follow the steps below.

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