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Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 Driver

"Start"=dword: "Group"="Base" In all cases of Restore the DiskSignature 4 bytes in of BOOTMGR menu it is essential that Windows 7 was set as the default option. . Software v Chapter5 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. FANTEC MR-CopyDU3 User Manual 2 Bay Docking Station With One Touch. Free Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 Firmware driver. Get the Others device drivers from ..


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Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 Driver

It allows the display of Digital HD TV with its TV tuner, play and record media files in High Definition movies, audio and photos and when Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 to a PC, it can also copy and play shared files via network. To rename or delete the file.


Press to play file; Or play recording file under time shift mode. Switch the audio Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 output Press to zoom when playing back photos or Video programs.

Press to activate time shift in Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 mode. Press Time shift and wait until the screen display, Press pause to pause program, press Play to resume playback, and press Stop to stop time shift function.

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Press to set repeat option: Select different interface Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 to various needs. The product detects video output automatically, making the operation user-friendly and convenient. Please refer to the following instruction for connection.

Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 on the TV and select AV mode. Turn on the product to display the initial menu. The cable 7 10 only transmits the video signal and additional audio cable is necessary.

RDC MaPower NAS-BASIC Driver 47

Plug the red and white AV cable into the audio output of the device and into the audio input of TV set or hi-fi. Optical Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 Connection Connect the optical connector of the media player with the optical connector of other video or audio device by via optical cable. However, there must be TV signal input first. If in doubt ask your local provider to obtain access.

The number of channels and signal quality is displayed. If the parameter setting is wrong "Error" is displayed.

Please reset the parameters for scanning. Watch television programs and at the same time record television programs.

Connect Recording Device The product supports to watch television programs while recording television programs. In addition to recording television programs also other input signals are recorded. TV signal can be generated from TV set top box or satellite receiver. The product also supports TV recording from other set top box or satellite receiver. When recording signals of other television set top box or satellite receiver input, please refer to the following illustration to Fantec NAS-BASIC V41 the product.


For set top box or satellite receiver with one signal output, please refer to the following connection method: Turn on your TV and select AV mode. Turn on the product and select AV IN after entering the menu. The TV program displays on screen and is ready to record. Fantec NAS-BASIC V41


Start Recording Before recording select the recording device. Please copy files in HDD first.

RDC MaPower NAS-BASIC Driver 47

Then choose the HDD Format option in the setup menu. Set Timeshift Buffer The product needs the special space for timeshift to assign the hard drive s space.

At least one hour, maximum 4 hours.

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