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Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem Driver

As Ernst Haas puts it, "The actors' perceptions of reality result in policies that shape events; these effects then Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem a new reality whose impact will then be perceived all over again. The system, defined by its structure, sets limits to the choices of actors.

Full text of "A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress: With "

The system is an independent variable, [1] Ernst B. The Case Against Structural Explanations Structural explanations do not provide satisfactory explanations of technological collaboration in Europe, much less of international cooperation more generally.


Their utility is limited to the most obvious parts of the phenomenon; they leave a great deal unexplained. A structural explanation Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem start with the proposition that the decisive factor in the emergence of telematics collaboration in the s was Europe's relative international weakness in those technologies.

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European firms were faring poorly in competition with U. To argue in a realist mode, the technologies were seen as important to national interests, and collaboration was a defensive alliance. At one level this explanation is true: European countries would not have looked to collaboration if they could have competed successfully on their own.


But that argument verges on the tautological: The weak cooperate because they are weak. Furthermore, there are many steps between Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem and collaboration that the structural logic leaves unexplored. The structural argument implies that there are no viable choices for the weak other than cooperation.


I argue, in contrast, that even the weak have options, and structure falls far short of explaining why they select one option and not the others. Some scholars in the realist tradition recognize that nonstructural variables matter, though they assign them secondary importance.

But Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem explanation of the emergence of the Group of 77 and the NIEO also depends crucially on important nonstructural variables—namely, a set of ideas that Third World leaders could agree on and political leadership within the group. Waltz, Theory of International Politics.

Networking - [PDF Document]

More generally, there are no logical links leading from international weakness to alliances with similar partners. Sometimes small or weak states seek out large, powerful protectors.

Sometimes they remain fiercely independent. With respect to European telematics collaboration, why did not each state pursue a renewed national-champion strategy?

If weakness produces alliance, why did the European countries not collaborate fifteen years earlier, in the technology-gap crisis of the s? Perhaps, a realist might counter, the rise of Japan as a technological power constituted a structural change that precipitated the European alliance. Japanese IT producers constituted Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem and dangerous new competitors for weak European firms.

Even so, European policy-makers could choose among options.

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Japan could become an alternative to the United States as a source of forefront technologies, driving down the costs of catching up. By seeking ties with the Japanese, the Europeans could extract better deals from the Americans. Or state leaders in Europe could respond through revived national-champion strategies.

Or they could supplement unilateral policies with selective bilateral arrangements, such Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem the Mega Project involving Philips, Siemens, and their governments. Another kind of structural argument would focus on the structure of capabilities within the set of cooperating states.

Charles Kindleberger explored this line of thinking. He posited that a liberal international economic system depends on the existence of a predominant state, or hegemon. Against this argument some scholars have shown that, in principle, a small group of states, none of them predominant, with similar interests can initiate and sustain cooperation. Gateway DS31 Pro-Nets Modem

Britain, France, and Germany were approximate equals in the telematics industries, with Italy not far behind. In fact, Britain, France, and Germany each had three companies among Europe's twelve largest electronics firms.


Italy had two, and the Netherlands, one formidable telematics player in Philips. Clearly, no hegemon held sway in Europe.

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