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OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player Driver

It seems as if everyone is talking about the Oppo ('oh-poe') OPDVH DVD player. The main attraction behind this new player is its DVI output. Oppo Digital. Remember this name, because they will be your next DVD player. Read on to see why this new company is making waves. Buy OPPO OPDVH Digital HD-Ready Up-Converting DVD Player: DVD Players - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.


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OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player Driver


This does not produce a high definition picture on your television. The upconversion adds new pixels to produce a pixel array that matches the horizontal and vertical pixel OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player of your digital display—its "native rate". But it fills these added pixels with data interpolated from the source material; it can't add any real information that was not in the source to begin with.

Oppo OPDV971H DVD Player Review

No matter what resolution the player puts out, that DVD source is still standard definition video. While all digital displays can perform this native-rate conversion on their own, even OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player a lowly i source they OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player to, otherwise the image would not fit the screen! The player also offers several picture adjustments of the sort available on only a few DVD players.

The player is also region-free. The oddest quirk, however, is that while the Oppo will provide p plus those higher resolutions from its DVI output, it will provide only i from its component outputs. In other words, it won't do progressive scan except via DVI.

Audio There are on-board decoders for 5. The player even has a built-in Dolby Pro Logic circuit that can convert two-channel material into derived surround. It features both music and movie modes with panorama, dimension, and center width controls to further adjust its Dolby-enhanced analog audio output.

Most of you, however, will extract the Oppo's OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player from its digital audio outputs and feed that into an external pre-pro or AV receiver. That is what I did for most of this review, except as noted otherwise. Frankly, to me it looks just as cheap as it is priced. The front panel display doesn't help matters any.


All those tiny identical buttons lined up in a perfect grid, their monotony broken only by a four-way directional control near the bottom third of the remote, make its navigation difficult even in room light. No, it doesn't light up.


And yes, even those who've mastered Braille will need a flashlight to find the Menu and Pause buttons in the dark. For an end run around this remote you can access the Oppo's "Virtual Keyboard,"which places a graphic interface with most of the essential controls on the screen.

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Then you only need to find the four-way direction arrows and the centrally located enter key to operate the player. So I played this chapter on about 8 different players with mixed results.

Two Sony players failed, Samsung failed, a pioneer player skipped the chapter entirely, Deneon and played through with no pixilation this surprised me since I thought the loaders in Denons were sensitive to such thingsmy momitsu failed, zensonic passed with flying colours and the Oppo? Next in my collection of buggered discs is a poorly authored copy of Independence day. The momitsu will sit trying to load this disc for OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player mins and then decide it is a data disc and load the ISO menu.

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The Oppo also played this DVD without complaint. Lastly, I have a very scratched DVD that most players lockup on at several parts of the disc.

The best I can ever hope for is for the player to continue playing when it gets to these points. Many players lockup completely and wont play past the first read error it encounters. OPPO OPDV971H DVD Player Oppo faired well here too, at all times the Oppo froze for 1 -3 seconds then continued on.

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