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$,00 12 IconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe 3D FullHD Media Player/ DVB-T recorder, Realtek RTDDD /Mb, support " or "HDD SATA, USB IconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe 3D FullHD Media Player/ DVB-T recorder, Realtek. IconBIT Movie3D GL FullHD Media Player, Realtek RTDDD. XDSD T2 is a multi-format media player with support for Full-HD and 3D [IconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe AMPS R6 + 3DGui HDD


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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player Driver

IconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe

From this fact stems the iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player pros and cons of this approach: Tsvetovye stripes and vertical sharpness The screen displays a static or slowly move the image, resembling the adjustment television iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player. In various areas of the image are present in black and white stripes in steps 1, 2 and 4 pixel and the vertical color stripes with maximum contrast. If the grid is small bands demonstrated with flickering or fused into one solid rectangle, sometimes painted in red and green color, it indicates the inability to distinguish the player moving and stationary objects.

Artifacts or additional bands at the boundaries of vertical color transitions indicates the incorrect handling of color.


Diagonalny filter Here is assessed deinterlacing moving objects. As the add narrow white stripe appears uniformly iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player inside a circle with an angular limb. Smoothed boundary edges of the strip in any position thereof talk about quality work deinterlacing algorithm, while the waves or has a burr on the edges -about failures in the work of the algorithm or insufficient quality of smoothing.

The greater the angle strip, whereby defects appear, the algorithm works worse. In another embodiment of the test strip instead of one, there are three short segments, rotating at a slight angle back and forth. In an ideal smoothing no defects in any of the bands, with small degradation they appear on the front page, with further deterioration -the first and second, and so on.

Evaluation of the first part: Evaluation of the second part: Detailing To test offers several movies filming wildlife, iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player both smooth gradients highlighted sky, clouds, water surface, and the small details trees, grass.


Preview invited to compare with the reference. Noise static image So-called "digital noise" can be the result of incorrect processing video and insufficient sensitivity matrix in the process of shooting. Possible effect is not pomehozashchishchennyh analog channels, for example, such a noise typical for terrestrial television. The iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player uses a noise filtering averaging pixels located near or in the space ie adjacent or in time at the same point, but subsequent frames.

Selected video segments contain artificially high noise as possible to more clearly show the flaws of the system noise reduction. As a result, there are three possibilities: To facilitate the evaluation, in one part of the frame continuously demonstrates noise-free reference image.

Movie3D Deluxe

Note that some devices noise reduction filters simply not provided. IconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player moving image All of the above is true for fast moving objects, but iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player the problem of noise suppression is complicated, because it requires changes to distinguish pixels caused by noise from the same changes as you move the moving object in the frame. With insufficient as possible as noise reduction artifacts and reflections, and the "smearing" of the moving object.

Obviously, when digitizing video, out of every four shots to get five. One of the common frame rate conversion algorithms is the so-called "technology 3: In fact, the process is somewhat more complicated, as it is usually used an interlaced video.

Therefore, the media player is vital to iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player able to correctly determine the source frames and to distinguish them from the interpolated, otherwise the image will inevitably arise serrations and other distortions. To test the ability of the player to correctly process the signal in a frame moving picture with a regular pattern of small elements.

With proper treatment, it will be seen as the original, and if not we will see a strong moire. It happens that the detection of the original frame works with some delay, in this case moire appears, but soon disappears.

Detection mode camcorder In addition to the sequence described "3: On failure, defects appear as flickering or the iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player of "steps" on sloping lines. In the original, this test is called "cadence", but as adequate Russian-term author is unknown "tenure" does not count, we called it "the camcorder mode". To check the compatibility with different formats, used a set of fragments of video with a resolution of p, encoded by different codecs such as h.

Finding within reach of any local drive mounted inside the player or connected to one of the ports of USB, or inserted flash card, the player immediately starts indexing all present on it video -and audio files for faster access. Despite this, the start and stop playback of the film accompanied by a two-second pause. But the viewing occurs without delay as well iconBIT Movie3D Pro Deluxe Media Player the rewinding, and at any speed.

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