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OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse Driver

The OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse at first looks like most any other mouse in the market and the form factor of it definitely isn't anything. OCZ's mice are called Equalizer and feature a DPI laser sensor made by Agilent technology. The mice come in two different sizes, one. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OCZ OCZMSEQRD Desktop Size Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse at Read honest and.


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OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse Driver

This is an ideal feature for FPS gamers.

Nevertheless having 3 bursts of fire for each click is something a lot would really OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse having. The black button behind the scroll wheel is for you to change the DPI settings for the laser on the fly.

You have the option of selecting the following DPI settings as shown on the underside of the mouse. The scroll wheel changes color to the corresponding color set against the label shown above to give the user a visual indication of which DPI OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is currently been set. On the back you can also read about the special features such as the "Triple-Threat" button and how to change the DPI setting of the mouse even OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse drivers installed.


The thing about the mouse that worried me the most right from the first time I laid my eyes on the package was that this mouse has a DPI laser engine. I have tried my fair share of laser mice and it is my OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse that the ever lasting hunt for DPI has ruined the potential of good gaming grade laser mice. Despite the size the mouse packs in 7 buttons.

Download OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse Driver for Windows 9X, Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP

Aside from the two primary ones and the scroll wheel, there are two buttons on the left size and the orange Triple Threat button. During gaming this will be great for quick firing and during day-to-day activity the button can be used OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse place of double or triple clicking when these are needed. This is a thoughtful feature and one of the cooler uses for an extra button that I have seen in some time.

By placing the orange button next to the left primary button that it will act in the place of makes OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse very easy to access and easy to integrate in your gaming. The two primary buttons have a crisp click to them and while narrow are easy to click accurately.


The same goes for the mouse wheel- it is not large and it partially tucked away, but it has a good click to it and an accurate scroll due to its ratcheted as opposed to smooth action. The side buttons are placed right above the grippy thumb rest on the right side and are very easy to access. They are close together but are easy to OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse from OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse other so long as your hand is placed properly on the mouse.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse button below the mouse wheel changes its dpi setting while will make it more sensitive and change the color of the LED shining behind the mouse wheel to reflect the setting. The coloring alerts the user as to how sensitive the mouse is and a handy chart on the bottom lets you know the number for each color.

Source, the rifles and machine guns that are already automatic so you can just hold down the button didn't see a benefit with the button. However, the pistols and similar items were MUCH more effective when using the triple threat button to fire as it OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse you to get three shots off faster while aiming than you could clicking the mouse separately. Effective, is the nice way of saying it; my friends call it the "cheater mouse" now but it's all about advantages!

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