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Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB Driver

Buy NK Network Audio Player with DAC, DLNA and Airplay at Amazon UK. front USB terminal for your iPod/iPhone/iPad ready for Pioneer ControlApp. N Network Audio Player with Front USB, Hi-Bit processing, USB DAC and Auto features, and the option for a wireless connection to your home network. Introduction to the Pioneer Elite N Network Audio Player Just above the USB input on the N, Pioneer also provides an adapter port for.


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Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB Driver

Underneath the sleek body design is an armored chassis consisting of a large metal plate to significantly reduce vibration. Gold connectors preserve the sound reproduction quality.


And its aesthetically pleasing design only serves to enhance the overall experience. Control Applications- Thanks to the networking connectivity offered by the N, there are two great options to control the N Since Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB ControlApp is capable of controlling many Pioneer network-enabled products, this approach keeps the download size from the App Store smaller since you only get the data for the devices that are on your network.

Once an input is selected, the ControlApp switches to a context-sensitive page based on the selected input. For example, here is the interface for the Internet Radio input. You may have noticed all the empty space at the bottom of the ControlApp pages.

Pioneer N-50 review

While the application duplicates the screen content and provides a nice control interface including the file format, bit rate, and album info, it leaves out the album art. This does give you an excuse to get up from your chair and look at the N display if you really want to see the art.

I hope Pioneer removes this limitation someday. The other control application for the N that I would like to mention is the Apple Remote application available for free at the App Store.

Pioneer N50 Network Audio Player

Since you can stream from iTunes to the N using AirPlay, the Remote application becomes one of the best free remotes available for controlling the content being sent to the N I selected songs, servers, and playlists, and the N played my music with ease. While we are on the subject of control applications, the N supports an application called Air Jam which Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB up to four devices to stream music to the N The presumption is that you are having a party and four people can share music from their devices and create a shared playlist for everyone to enjoy.

The Air Jam application has multiple interfaces. Here is the iPhone version.


Here is the iPad version. The Air Jam interface is pretty nice and the iPad interface makes good use of the screen real estate. The Air Jam application allows each user to add songs to the shared play list and the application keeps a list of all the songs that have been played so you can find that great song that you might have heard Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB the party.

First of all, the application requires the optional Bluetooth adapter. Once that is done, you can start adding songs to the playlist. The application is not able Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB function as a background application on iOS. I really hope that Pioneer gets this right and that they also remove the Bluetooth requirement.

Pioneer N50 Network Audio Player eBay

Air Jam has to use Wi-Fi in order to be a viable solution. Given all the Pioneer N-50-K Network Player USB and the varied formats, this player did an excellent job rendering music, and I enjoyed using the N as a source device. Internet music at low bitrates sounded really bad at times but higher bitrate stations like Linn Jazz and Linn Classical sounded great.

Playing low-resolution MP3 files or low-bitrate internet radio was unsatisfying but that was to be expected. While I could hear a difference with the processing enabled, I generally found that it just softened the playback and reduced some of the harshness on low quality internet radio.


The best way to make the N shine was to give it a high quality source. The sound from the N was very satisfying with voices sounding natural with an overall warmth to the music.

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