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Kodak Printer Dock Driver

The Kodak Photo Printer Dock is a handy little dye-sublimation printer that churns out good-looking photos without a lot of fuss, and it's small. Buy Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4x6" Instant Photo Printer, Premium Quality Full Color Prints - Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices: Printers - You only need one KODAK Photo Printer Dock Cartridge to print gorgeous full-color photos.


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Kodak Printer Dock Driver

After you Kodak Printer Dock the paper tray, though, its depth front to back nearly triples. This is the "dock" for cradling your smartphone and connecting it to the printer.

The indentation is wide enough to hold most smartphones, including the Plus-size iPhones. As mentioned, your smartphone and the Kodak Dock app act as the Kodak Printer Dock panel, and a rather sophisticated one at that; it's much handier than anything Kodak could have installed on the printer itself.

Kodak Printer Dock actual physical control panel consists of two buttons, Power and Print. Encircling the power button is a status LED that flashes in various colors and patterns that denote specific states, such as printing, error, and paper-tray empty. The LED flashes yellow, for instance, when the Dock is printing, or red to indicate an error.

In all, eight or nine status states are announced by the LED in flash-and-color combinations. For the most part, you get the same functionality by tethering your smartphone that you do from docking, with one exception: In addition to printing from your smartphone, you can also print from USB thumb drives, which you can navigate through with your docked smartphone. In other words, since the Kodak Dock Kodak Printer Dock no control panel of its own, you must connect the phone through the Kodak Printer Dock to access the flash drive, unless, that is, you connect your phone or tablet to the Dock via Wi-Fi Direct.


As with most Wi-Fi Direct devices, the printer shows up in your list of available Wi-Fi connections; you connect Kodak Printer Dock it as you would a Wi-Fi access point. After you select it, the Dock will prompt you for the password, which you'll find in the included user manual.

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As we already mentioned, the Dock can charge your phone while the two devices are connected. However, what we failed to disclose is that it can charge two devices simultaneously, one from the dock and one from the USB port we spoke about a moment Kodak Printer Dock.


We talked about the USB port on the left; let's look at the other sides. Up front is where you connect the input tray to the printer. It protrudes more than 6 inches, and the top Kodak Printer Dock seconds as the output tray. On the right side, you'll find a small door that covers the compartment where the dye-sublimation ribbon cartridge goes, which we'll discuss in more detail a little later.

On the back is a slot that the paper travels through, back and forth, as it passes beneath the print Kodak Printer Dock, where it gets layers of ink applied in four passes: Also on the back is the AC power jack. As you can see, the Kodak Dock is a tightly engineered little printer. Also notable is the software that you use to interface with the Dock, the Kodak Printer Dock Kodak Printer Dock.


Kodak Printer Dock Handy and Efficient App Provided you've downloaded and installed itfter you dock your smartphone, the Dock app launches, presenting you with six options. Many of them speak for themselves, but a few don't. Gallery, for example, displays the images on your Android phone.

Kodak Photo Printer Dock Review & Rating

The iOS version, on the other Kodak Printer Dock, has slightly different options. The Connect option connects you to various social-media and cloud sites, and you can add others as needed Touching Kodak Printer Dock, meanwhile, brings up a file directory for the USB drive inserted into the port on the side of the printer. Editing mode allows you to crop and add text, stickers, and borders to your photos prior to printing.

You will also find editing tools for adjusting color-saturation and -balancing levels, as well as a few filters and other enhancements.

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What we like most about the Kodak Printer Dock app, though, is that it makes using the hardware truly easy.

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