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Sony BDP-S1 Driver

The BDP-S1 is apparently in such demand that Sony told us not to look for review samples until after CES, but as I'm finishing up reviews on. The BDP-S1 wasn't perfect though. Unusually for a Sony it wasn't great to use, and its specification list, as with all the early Blu-ray players, was. Our take on the Sony BDP-S1 by Crutchfield's Steve Kindig. Blu-ray Disc is a new high-definition video format that offers amazing home entertainment.


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Sony BDP-S1 Driver

On top of that, many BD titles released over the last several months have been surprisingly variable in image quality, even compared with broadcast HD. In short, a lot of the BD titles released so far just don't Sony BDP-S1 very good.

But the image quality was simply stunning right out of the gate, with Sony BDP-S1 that was noticeably far superior to anything we'd seen or heard from broadcast HD. And as more titles trickled out over the months, movies new and Sony BDP-S1 alike continued to provide sparkling image quality. But the Blu-ray Empire is starting to strike back.


The Samsung player's firmware update improved its image quality substantially, and Panasonic's DMP-BD10 player and Sony's PlayStation3, along with some Sony BDP-S1 released BD titles that really shine have started to unleash the format's potential. The BDP-S1 is a substantial and attractive unit with silver casing and a Blu e facia covering half of the face Sony BDP-S1.

That in and of itself is not a deal breaker for me. However, making Sony BDP-S1 this scenario just a little more complicated is that the BDP-S1 lacks an Ethernet port, which would make such upgrades far easier. Sony BDP-S1

Sony BDP-S1 Specs - CNET

Instead, it's likely that you'd have to go to Sony BDP-S1 web and burn an update file onto a CD or DVD disc and the load that into the player. Not as easy as it could be, but serviceable.

What's more disturbing to me about the lack of any Ethernet port is the obvious potential that Blu-ray might someday feature interactivity that requires web connectivity. Lots of features could be pulled from the Net and stored there. Nevertheless, the BDP-S1, like the other standalone Sony BDP-S1 players released Sony BDP-S1 far, has eschewed the Ethernet connection and you'll be out in the cold if or when networked features make it to Blu-ray.

The BDP-S1 has two other shortcomings you should be aware of. So, if you still play CDs and dream of having a Sony BDP-S1 optical disc player, sorry Charlie.

Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc Player: Short Take Sound & Vision

Second, while there are analog outputs, they are 5. However, with PS3's flexible, upgradeable architecture it's possible that a future system software update could remedy this.


These are the most pertinent facts about the BDP-S1 as I see them, so look for our full review to learn more detail about the ins and outs and configuration Sony BDP-S1 and setup of this BD player. Starting with starting the player, with a direct connection to the Pearl it consistently takes the BDP-S1 between 35 and 40 seconds to boot up to Sony BDP-S1 player's on-screen menu.

Yes- not only can PS3 power up that fast, if it's powered down you can insert a BD or DVD into the drive and it will have the disc's menu Sony BDP-S1 in under ten seconds.

The Samsung can now load discs as fast as 20 seconds, but no more than Lightning McQueen it ain't. Before getting off of disc access and usability, the BDP-1 is good, but again slower than the PS3 with chapter skips and moving through the pop-up disc menus that come Sony BDP-S1 with the movie Sony BDP-S1 full motion.

Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Player eBay

Even standard DVD soundtracks cannot be guaranteed to be correctly decoded by Toslink input equipped decoders. There is a disclaimer Sony BDP-S1 the supplied owners manual to this effect. The player will save your selections allowing for customization of your outputs. The supplied HDMI connection is version 1.


This feature Sony BDP-S1 not capable of being added later. The BDP-S1's analog and component video outputs differentiate it from most Blu-ray Disc players manufactured after the early s, as all Blu-ray Sony BDP-S1 players manufactured after no longer come equipped with analog or component video outputs in order to deter video piracy.

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