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Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder Driver

กล้องติดรถยนต์ ระดับ Primiem Vico vation รุ่น Marcus2 Even if the temperature inside car in summer time goes high, Vico-Marcus never stops recording. Dashboard Cameras (dash cams) have become necessary car accessories lately. You will never know when something unexpected will come. Not just record with the best quality, but also ensure your driving safety.


Type: Driver
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Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Other
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Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder Driver

The video is stunningly clear which matters to meI'm still playing.

Glad you are happy with your purchase! I was alarmed when I first started reviewing it.

VicoVation Marcus 2 1080p Full HD *dash Cams Australia*

People are giving it Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder for stupid stuff such as trojans from the software. Other people are using a crappy microSD card and it's not recording properly. This camera has the highest bitrate of all the cameras on the market.

The 65W has the same camera specs as the Garmin The increased FOV could worsen the quality of details in front of your car. We will have more thoughts on this camera as the time goes. Yes, that would make their next dash camera even more appealing. Dome d for strictly video quality? They both have the exact same video hardware except Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder Vicovation Opia 2 has much better lens no purple fringingvideo quality exposure, noise and a capacitor.

Vicovation Vico-WF1 Dash Cameras Manual

We think you should go for the Vicovation Opia 2. I just got it in today from blackbox my car and it has amazing quality with the Amazon basics polarized lens.


I however am missing the first part of my 25min drive to work as if it was overwritten when I opted for the bigger 64gb card!!?? Any help, I have it set to a 5min loop but am I doing something wrong? I was mad I lost some horrible driving footage when there Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder no way I ran through 64 gigs on a 25min drive!

I'd check if the power adapter is seated correctly. On some of my vehicles or power adapters it doesn't fit very well. If that's not the problem I'd format the SD card and check on it for the next few days afterwards.


Which card are you using? How do I remove my sd card from this dash cam? Do I push it and it ejects or do I try to pull it out? I don't want to force either method without knowing first.

Be sure you turn off your dash camera first. Then, you push the SD card in and it should eject.

Vicovation Vico-Marcus 2 Archives - This Grandpa Blogs

I contacted the company and they do Vicovation Vico-Marcus2 Car Camcorder know what the problem is either, they are trying to figure it out supposedly. If you have you can try resetting all settings back to factory defaults. I know heat can affect microSD cards, which one are you using?


That bothered me until I found out from the company what you are supposed to do.

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